After it became apparent that COVID-19 was going to quickly and dramatically affect everything about our lives, faith/spiritual leaders reached out to each other with questions, ideas, resources, and support.  While these resources and solutions were imminently practical, they were getting buried under newer social media posts, or isolated within specific networks of leaders.

This crowdsourced knowledge base emerged out of a need to catalogue and make available the wealth of these resources, ideas, and stories already being shared among leaders more organically in their networks.  It is a place where people and organizations can offer tools, resources, ideas, and solutions to a larger community that extends beyond their immediate connections.  It is a place where people can search for specific ways to respond to all kinds of situations made more complicated in light of COVID-19.  It is also a place to share stories of hope in the midst of crisis.

This knowledge base is intentionally inclusive of different faith/spiritual traditions.  One of the beautiful outcomes from clergy support during this time, is how we have learned from each other.  We can be deeply grounded in our own traditions while learning from, supporting, and resourcing one another.

We also recognize that this knowledge base was created for a North American context.  We encourage and welcome lessons and resources from all over the world.  In fact, some clergy colleagues from other countries were able to share hard lessons with those in the US, because they dealt with them first.  However, we do recognize that everything has a root context that reflects legal, cultural, social, and political realities that are specific to a place, and we acknowledge the assumption that this particular knowledge base will likely be more rooted in a North American context.  We hope that it can be useful for other contexts as well.

This is a community effort.  If you see something that has been miscategorized, or if you think of a category that needs to be included but we have missed, please contact us.

Thank you for being a vital part of community care during this difficult time.

We are all in this together! If you have resources or ideas that you have found helpful and would like to add them to the FaithResponse knowledge base, please share them here.
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