‘We hope normalcy will not happen all of a sudden’

“‘We hope normalcy will not happen all of a sudden’: Hindu leaders have an inclusive message for all Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. …

Practicing Hindus across the United States have almost seamlessly transitioned worship to home and virtual settings, finding comfort and guidance through digital means amid pandemic-induced temple closures.

At the same time, temple leaders are plotting how to reopen safely — especially leading up to major fall holidays that traditionally draw big crowds. …”

read more: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/normalcy-will-not-happen-all-of-a-sudden-how-hindus-across-the-united-states-have-taken-worship-online-and-what-temples-will-look-like-post-pandemic-2020-04-29?fbclid=IwAR0iADAfbUA1SiYww2sZ2xaalED0rNm7oYe0b6rGpkyao84wbDtAqPtYAm8

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