How to livestream a funeral?

some suggestions:

  • For a large audience, with interpreters live caption, and simulcast to youtube: use the zoom webinar format and make the family and “altar party” (clergy and such) the presenters. Have an invisible tech person to run the tech behind the scenes. Invite eulogists to prerecord their speech
  • Set my laptop with a good panoramic camera up about 4ft off the ground. Played with the placing until I captured me
    And the flowers set on a table next to me. Beforehand, sent a Zoom meeting link and password to attendees. Did the service. Sent Memory cards-found on Amazon, 3×5 cards with a tree and a lined section upon which one can share a memory, to all attendees but spouse and adult kids. Asked them to mail them to spouse.
  • The funeral home may be able to help, too. Some are set up for this.

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