Social Distancing in Community and providing safe respites for teens

This is more of a piece of advice: You don’t have to bear the burden of weighing and applying social distancing measures on your own. Today I learned that, ironically, social distancing is much easier to bear when we agree to it together. Thinking you carry the burden alone .   With two teenage children, our home is a hub for teenagers. Some of those teens are homeless couch surfers. We are a family of 6 and typically 2 to 9 extra people join us for dinner nearly every night. Making the call that everyone needs some time apart was weighing on us heavily because of how much these teens depend on our home to be a welcoming safe space. Additionally, one of our young children has asthma and has landed in the ER from a common respiratory virus before. We were really struggling with how to balance protecting everyone without damaging ties… until one of our regular teens was tested for COVID-19 and quarantined. So we started a digital chat with other parents/ households of these teens. Talking it out together made it so much easier for us determine how to apply social distancing. Being in agreement makes a huge difference. Social distancing in community.

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